Dear New Blog

I love writing again. I love meeting other writers, poets, readers, parents, runners, potential friends. They are all new inspirations for me to write about, with, and for.

I am nervous about exposing my truths because, I think , I do not really know what those truths are yet. That’s the joy and anticipation of writing. We discover and rediscover. I’m frighteningly looking forward to what you’ll bring.

Thank you for-


Experienced Bloggers, Help!

My blog is one week old today. I have many questions, but my question today is:

How do I give credit to or reference another blogger on one of my own posts?

I have a post I’d love to write, but I just won’t do it if I’m unable to give a shout out to the blogger who gave me “1reason2write.” ūüôā

What’s Your Reason?

I write, but I’d like to write more. ¬†Like so many bloggers, I’m a wife, a mother,¬†¬†a runner, a teacher, a writer, a friend, a whiner, and a wine-r. ¬†The problem is that everyone is all of those things now.

The gift of blogging:  writing and immediately publishing.  Never before have we been able to share our words with the world by pushing a single button.

The challenge of blogging:¬†¬†reading all the things we want to say, have said, or have heard. ¬†It’s all out there. ¬†Being original has never been this difficult – ever.

So, what do you want me to write about? Let’s keep it clean, but keep it real. ¬†I promise to write if you promise to read. ¬† Deal?

Just give me 1reason2write.