Running for Clarity

Found this in my posts from my old blog.  Some things never change:

This momma runs.  She runs her kids ragged when they deserve it.  She runs out her husband’s patience at times.  She runs her household, and she just runs.  Period.

You know how you have those really good runs and those really bad runs and you rejoice in the good, learn from the bad, and keep on running?  You know how your body can hurt and your mind can become exhausted?  You know how when you run you can find clarity in places or times you never thought you’d find it?  Well I do that all the time.  All of it.  Every. Single. Day.

Today I hit the wall on the run with my kids when they were all either arguing, rough-housing, “potty talking,” or being  beyond silly.   My body ached.  My mind ached.  My endurance wavered.

And then?  Then I found clarity.  I found clarity when we got to do Facetime with Daddy and the miles melted away.  I found clarity when the kids and I pretended we were the Croops (go see that movie) and made a “sleep pile” and giggled and giggled.  (Perhaps I’m the one who turned the sillies on too high).  I found clarity when my four and half year old crawled in my lap to tell me about the book his teacher read to him today at preschool – where the turtle raced the hare home.  “Guess who won, Mommy?  The turtle wears his home!  Get it?”  I found clarity when I woke my 3 and half year old from her nap and she wanted to stay in her bed with me and “puddle for just a little bit.”  I found clarity when I toe-tipped upstairs to read with and tuck in my nearly 9 year old  – only to find him fast asleep with his lamp still glowing and A Wrinkle in Time strewn open across his chest.

 I found clarity.

This momma runs.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”