Blog Confusion

I’m not sure how or why ‘followers’ or ‘likes’ are added to my stats if I don’t get the views to match them.  Makes me think there are people who are perhaps just looking to promote their own blog.   I’m new to this gig.  Instead of liking will you please visit and then comment?   I’d love feedback on how to make this brand new blog of mine survive.  Seriously.  Thankful for the response I’ve had, but I’m all about authenticity.  Don’t like it if you haven’t read it.  Thanks!

PS- I WILL visit your blog!  Looking forward to it!


What’s Your Reason?

I write, but I’d like to write more.  Like so many bloggers, I’m a wife, a mother,  a runner, a teacher, a writer, a friend, a whiner, and a wine-r.  The problem is that everyone is all of those things now.

The gift of blogging:  writing and immediately publishing.  Never before have we been able to share our words with the world by pushing a single button.

The challenge of blogging:  reading all the things we want to say, have said, or have heard.  It’s all out there.  Being original has never been this difficult – ever.

So, what do you want me to write about? Let’s keep it clean, but keep it real.  I promise to write if you promise to read.   Deal?

Just give me 1reason2write.